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Vehicles 1998~2009 With Less Then 60,000 Miles

"New Extended Coverage"  

4Yr.~ 5Yr.~ 6Yr. & 7Yr.  from now up To 125,000 miles
"Mirrored  Factory Coverage"

(Bumper to Bumper) 

What is Covered:
All components (parts) which are covered under the factory warranty.
Certain exclusions could apply, call for details.  Examples of covered parts:

1.  ENGINE SYSTEM - (Over 500 individual parts)
Cylinders block, cylinder heads; harmonic balancer, turbocharger; supercharger; timing gear; chain and belt; timing cover, intake and exhaust manifolds; valve covers; oil pan, engine mounts; valve covers; intake valve; exhaust valve; valve lock; valve spring; rocket arm; rocker arm shaft; lash adjuster; camshaft; timing belt tensioner; flywheel; oil pump; oil pump pickup; connecting rod and more.

2.  TRANSMISSION & TRANSFER CASE - (Over 500 individual parts)
Transmission case; flex plate; torque converter; transfer case; vacuum modulator; transmission mounts; pan dipstick; dipstick tube; oil throw ring; input shaft; speedometer drive gear; input shaft housing; input shaft bearing; drive gears; needle bearings; counter shaft; reverse idler shaft; synchronizers and more.

3.  DRIVE AXLE[S] SYSTEM - (Over 70 individual parts)
Drive axle housing; 4x4 actuator; drive shafts; universal joints; constant velocity joints; axle shaft bearings; axle housing cover; driveshaft couplings; center bearing; inner axle shaft; locking cap; limited slip unit; side washers; pinion bearing; side gears; pinion gear; ring gear; double offset joint; pinion collar; bearing retainers; axle flanges; axle snap ring and more.

4.  AC/HEATING SYSTEM - (Over 500 individual parts)
Condenser; compressor; compressor clutch; drier; compressor mounting brackets; compressor pulley; evaporator; idler pulley; expansion valve; accumulator; heater core; air temperature control programmer; evaporator temperature sensor; duel pressure switch; cooling fan blades; dehydrator; vacuum motor and more.

5.  ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - (Over 500 individual parts)
Alternator; generator; voltage regular; ignition module; ignition coil; pole pieces; distributor; starter motor; starter solenoid; starter drive; starter ring gear; windshield wiper motors; wiper delay switch; windshield wiper linkage; windshield washer pump power seat motors; power antenna motor; power window motors; power door lock actuator; power trunk release; wiring harness; turn signal switch; cruise control module; starter rectifier and more.

6.  BRAKE SYSTEM - (Over 100 individual parts)
Master cylinder; power brake cylinder; vacuum assist booster; vacuum brake booster pump; disc brake calipers, compensating valve; proportioning valve; wheel cylinders; ABS accumulator pump; ABS motor; ABS reservoir; ABS wheel speed sensor; ABS exciter ring; brake pedal; parking brake cable; hydraulic lines and more.

Seals and gaskets on any non-excluded part.  Minor loss of fluid or seepage is considered normal and is not considered a Mechanical Breakdown.  Head gasket; valve cover gasket; rear main oil seal; water pump gasket; fuel pump gasket; timing chain cover gasket; intake manifold gasket; throttle body gasket; exhaust manifold gasket; front crankshaft seal and more.

8.  HIGH TECH SYSTEM - (Over 50 individual parts)
Sunroof motor; sunroof guides; sunroof linkage; sunroof cables; convertible top motor; trunk pull down motor; driver information gauges; central dash power supply; headlight door motor; headlight door actuator; lighted entry system; visor mirror; rear window defogger; rear window defogger switch; remote mirror adjustor; twilight sentinel; factor installed theft deterrent system, electronic level control air driver; electronic level control compressor; heated seat components and more.

9.  COOLING AND HEATING SYSTEM - (Over 50 individual parts)
Water pump; radiator; radiator fan; radiator fan clutch; radiator brackets; radiator fan shroud; water pump pulley; cooling fan blade; engine oil cooler; engine cooling fan motor; coolant recovery tank; radiator drain cock; radiator drain plug; radiator cushion; expansion tank; expansion plug and more.

10.  SUSPENSION SYSTEM - (Over 50 individual parts)
Lower control arms; upper control arms; ball joints; control arm shafts; front hubs; control arm bearings; spindle; spindle support; wheel bearings; radius arms; radius arms bushings; king pins; king pin bushings; coil springs; stabilizer bar; stabilizer bar bushings; spindle; spindle support and more.

Fuel delivery pump; fuel injectors; fuel sending unit; fuel injector pump; fuel pressure regulator; fuel tank; fuel gauge; metal fuel delivery lines; idle speed motor; vehicle speed sensor; air control valve; air slide; fuel pump drive gear; fuel tank vent valve; MLP sensor and more.

Steering gear box; power steering pump; steering rack; pitman arm; tie rod ends; idler arm; drag link; toe control link; steering knuckle; steering damper; power steering pump pulley; dust cover; relay rod; power steering cylinder; energy absorbing shaft; intermediate shaft; lower joint; steering pump idler pulley; steering idler level; ball stud and more.

Convenience Coverage:

1.  RENTAL - If your vehicle is in a repair facility undergoing repairs for a covered component, your contract provides up to $25.00 per day for alternate transportation.

2.  TOWING ALLOWANCE - If your vehicle is disabled and must be transported to the nearest dealer or repair facility, your contract provides up to $50.00 per occurrence for your protection.

3.  UNLIMITED NUMBER OF CLAIMS - The number of claims on your vehicle is unlimited.  The total amount of coverage can be a high as the value of your vehicle.

4.  ABILITY TO TRANSFER UPON RESALE - The contract may be transferred to the next owner of your vehicle if you decide to sell it.  This increases the resale value of your vehicle from day one.

5.  TRIP INTERRUPTION - You also have the added protection of expense coverage for overnight stays and meals incurred if you are left stranded due to the failure of a covered component and you are more than 100 miles from your home.  We provide up to $75.00 per day for trip interruption.

6.  NATIONWIDE COVERAGE - Your contract is honored in both the United States and Canada.  If you happen to be traveling, you have peace of mind that repairs of a covered component will be taken care of for you.  Just call our claims number for prior approval.

When Plan Coverage Starts and Ends:
Coverage under this Contract begins immediately upon the expiration of Your manufacturer's warranty and will expire according to the dates and or mileage of the Contract selected. 

roadside assistance
Emergency roadside service will be dispatched to your vehicle for:

Towing - Service to the nearest qualified repair facility with a maximum benefit of $50.00

Tire Change - Service to change tires in the event of a flat.

Jump-Start - Service to start a weak or dead battery.

Lockout Assistance - Service to unlock a vehicle (except key cutting)

Fuel Delivery - Service to provide gas or fluids (except for the cost of fluids)

Concierge Charge - Assisting you with three (3) phone calls; relatives, reservation changes, police, ATM's, etc.

Term/Use/Access - As noted on  your registration schedule.  Anywhere in the United States and Canada - 24 hours a day; 365 days a year - Unlimited use - As needed.


  • The average consumer drives his car about 20,000 miles per year

  • One's vehicle is the second largest investment in most households

  • A major engine or transmission repair can cost upwards from $3500-$15,000

  • A dependable vehicle is a necessity.


  • Protects your investment in your car

  • Minimizes the headaches of unexpected repair costs

  • Aids in proper operation of your car for years

  • Is reinsured by sound insurance

  • Provides "Peace of Mind"   


While today's technologically advanced automobile is designed for increased performance and reliability, we will be there to protect you from the unexpected problems the road has in store.  Repair costs are accelerating as fast as technology, making our protection more valuable than ever.  We provide maximum protection to extend mechanical breakdown coverage beyond the term of the manufacturer's warranty and we offer the most comprehensive coverage available for most models.

What is Not Covered:
The repairs on all assemblies and parts are covered on your vehicle with the exception of the following items:  Paint, Carpeting, Trim, Bright Metal, Upholstery, Brake Rotors & Drums, Battery, Belts, Hoses, Distributor Cap & Rotor, Light Bulbs, Headlights, Emission Control Equipment and Sensors, Weather Stripping, Body Panels, Shock Absorbers, Fiberglass Top, Battery Cables, Spark Plug Wires, Struts, Moldings, Exhaust System, Tires, Glass, Canvas, Vinyl or Fabric Top, Manual Clutch Assembly, Hydraulic Clutch Assembly, Normal Vehicle maintenance such as alignments, wheel balances, tune ups, brake jobs and parts needed for this maintenance such as spark plugs, brake pads, brake shoes, filters, lubricants, coolants, hoses and belts
are not covered. 

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