Jaguar XJ-8

          We had a problem with our 98 Jag XJ-8, the valve in our gas tank broke. This was not listed on our manufacturer's warranty. No one had ever heard of this part breaking -- after review, you put in a new gas tank with no problems. You went out of your way to help us & we have recommended your company to many of our friends.

Thank you again,
Las Vegas, NV

BMW 740

          We were on vacation and our air conditioning went out. We were far from home and didn't know what to do. We called your toll free number and you helped us find a shop that would take care of our problem. You took care of it, and we were on our way the next day. This could have been a nightmare but thanks to your company, the shop repaired our air conditioner with new BMW parts and it works better than before!

Thanks a million,
Mike & Sue
Portland, OR

Audi A8 Quattro

          I took your warranty to my Audi dealer's Service Director for his review. He told me that this was the best coverage he had ever seen. For my 99 Audi A8 Quattro, he thought it would cost around $3,500 -- I told him your price was only $1986...he advised me to buy it.

Your company is truly the best,
Miami, FL

Porsche 911

          We bought your warranty for our 97 Porsche 911, 2 years later the transmission went out. We had the car towed to our Porsche mechanic (an independent shop), and we had our car repaired for only the $50 deductible! No hassles, no problems...what a pleasure to do business. Your company saved us over $8,500!

I can't thank you enough,
Seattle, WA

Mercedes SL 500

          Our rear end started to make a terrible noise and we heard clunking when accelerating from a full stop. We took the car to our mechanic, he called your claims office and the problem was taken care of - just that fast! We are delighted with your claims service and are so thankful we purchased your warranty; it is indeed a hassle free experience. We will buy from you again on our next car.

Salt Lake City, UT

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