Q: Why purchase form E Warranty?
A: Since most warranty companies work only with one warranty underwriter, they miss the opportunity to offer you the best coverage for your needs. EWarrantys works with a variety of the industries best backed, highest rated and most comprehensive underwriters! We are not restricted to offering you a “one size fits all” policy! All of our warranty underwriters are A++ rated and have been in the business of providing excellent coverage for years. Our Commitment to you is the best price, best coverage you can get for your cars make and model.

Q: How do we pay?
A: We have a simple payment plan!

Q: Is finding a place to repair my car going to be easy?
A: YES! Your car can be repaired as any ASE certified shop in the United States or Canada. It’s just that simple.

Q: If I should sell my car, can I transfer my warranty to the purchaser?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I pay for my warranty?
A: Check or Credit Card or Payment Plan.

Q: If we should have additional questions how may we get them answered?
A: Please email us at with any questions that you may have. We take pride in getting you answers to your questions. Don’t purchase a warranty with questions unanswered!  All responses after business hours (pacific time zone: Please Email us) will be answered the next business day.

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